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We want to help you succeed on the GMAT. Here you'll find complete online practice tests with explanations for every question. You'll also find problem-solving videos and other GMAT preparation resources available from McGraw-Hill. We've put all of our proven expertise into making sure you're ready for this difficult exam.

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Take full-length GMAT Practice tests to assess where you are in your preparation and get comfortable with the test format.

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Problem-Solving Videos

These Videos show how to solve key GMAT Quantitative and Verbal questions. They cover Problem Solving, Data Sufficiency, Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning, and Sentence Correction. In each video the authors provide step by step solutions to the kinds of Quant and Verbal problems thay you can expect to see on the test.

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Reading Comprehension
  • Interface (book page 465#1)
  • Interface/Main Idea/Authorial Tone (book page 482#15-17)

Critical Reasoning
  • Finding the Assumptions (book page 519#1)
  • Logic (book page 519 #2, #3)
  • Weakening the Argument/Finding the Assumptions (book page 520#4, #5)

Sentence Correction
  • Verb Agreement (book page 548#2)
  • Amounts/Verb Agreement (book page 548 #4)
  • Use of Phrases 1(book page 549 #5)
  • Use of Phrases 2 (book page 549 #6)
  • User pf Phrases 3 (book page 549 #7)

Problem Solving
  • Exponents (book page 183 #9)
  • Questions and Operations (book page 194 #4)
  • Graphical Representation of Data (book page 199 #18)
  • Basic Probability (book page 209 #5)
  • Angles (book page 210 #11)

Data Sufficiency
  • Triangles (book page 150 #13)
  • Counting Techniques (book page 252 #19)
  • Basic Probability (book page 258 #1)
  • Percentage (book page 289 #17)
  • Divisors and Factors (book page 435 #23)

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